There are numerous ways a person can make efforts to improve their overall health; disciplined diet, practicing a regular workout regime or engaging in moderate physical activities.

But today, we’re going to focus on the benefits of exercise in sexual function. A few days or weeks of exercise or workout training provide wonderful effects on the body, particularly your sexuality. You feel younger, sexier, energetic and your sexual desire starts yelling. Is it psychological? Let’s take it from the facts.

There is a study conducted in the laboratory of US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health where 52-women who were randomized to perform three weeks of exercise prior to sexual activity reported great improvement on their sexual desire and orgasm function.

Yet, another discovery at the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that men who exercise enthusiastically were about half as likely to have erection dysfunction as those who have inactive lifestyle.

That said, exercise is evidently linked to improved erectile function for both men and women. So how does exercise can improve your sex life? Read on.

Improves Sperm Counts

British Journal of Sports Medicine study suggests that men should work out at least 15 hours a week as it helps in increasing the sperm counts. This is especially vital for couples who want to have kids. Nevertheless, men who spend more than 20 hours per week doing inactive activities had considerably lower sperm counts.

Improves Physiological sexual arousal

Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that women who do short-duration, intense exercise in 20 minutes regularly significantly boosts their physiological sexual arousal. In addition, further studies justified that body awareness and perceptions of arousal are associated to each other. Meaning as you exercise, your body awareness increases, so as your bodily sensations.

Stimulates Beta-endorphins

Cardio is one of the best exercises to rev up beta-endorphins, causing your blood to circulate well, which in theory can make sex more enjoyable. Endorphins are natural feel-good chemicals produced from your body to your brain to help you stay focused and have a better mood. Moreover, it includes substances associated with feelings of sexuality and bliss.

Promotes Sexual Awakening

Focusing your body in mind or meditating exercises can work wonders for your sexuality. A great example is Yoga. The exercise requires you to perform breath control, adoption of physical postures and simple meditation. Practiced over centuries, this popular exercise helps in stimulating sexual awakening – not to mention its benefits in improving flexibility and sex positions.

You Stays Sexually Active

We know that age is one of the main issues why sexual desire collapsed. But study shows that a 60-year old who exercises frequently could have the same sexual satisfaction as people many years younger. Therefore, exercising a lot can help keep you sexually active regardless of your age.

If you’re thinking whether sex is considered as exercise, it depends on the duration and intensity of your lovemaking. But if you really want to improve your sex life, the easiest and natural way to do it is through exercise. In a nutshell, exercise and sex are both beneficial.

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